Finding a bad online review is a good news/bad news scenario.

Good news – you found it.

Bad news – everyone else can find it too.

Let’s go back to the good news.  There are a few scenarios to consider.

  1. You have an employee or company dedicated to monitoring your online reviews and you have established steps to handle the review.
  2. You have been made aware of a problem because you stumbled on the review and you have resolved the problem and will provide a response to the review.
  3. You stumbled on the problem are in a state of panic and haven’t a clue what to do next.

If you see yourself in #2 or #3 keep reading.  #1 probably clicked on the blog accidentally and has already hit the back button.

You have a bad review…now what?

Here are steps you can take to remedy the problem.

Post a Reply

If the site allows, post a reply..not you, but someone you trust to respond.  This is your business…your baby and someone has just made an unkind, unfair, inflammatory, hostile…(you get the idea), remark about your baby.  Put someone else in charge of the response.

Review it before it’s posted but your emotions will in all likelihood get the best of you on at least one occasion and one time is one time too many.  It’s also important to understand that a response from your company may elicit further online response from the person who posted the review.  These conversations can escalate…hence the next option.

Respond Offline

Send a private message to the reviewer offering a solution, apology or both.  Once the issue is happily resolved request (diplomatically, kindly without the threat of bodily harm) that the review be removed or at least amended to include the resolution.

Notify the Review Company

If you think a review violates the company’s terms of service you can sometimes flag it for evaluation by the company’s support team.

Push the Review Off the First Page

Reviews are typically posted in the order they are received, like some sort of annoying call center.  However this is to your advantage.  20 positive reviews ahead of one bad review will not only push the bad review to a page that no one bothers reading or better yet will leave the potential consumer wondering what the fuss was all about since 20 other people obviously didn’t agree.

Should I Wait?

Online reviews are “word of mouth” recommendations spread digitally.  Conversations about you, your business, the service you provide and the products you sell are taking place online everyday. You’re either a part of the conversations and to some extent controlling the conversations…or you’re not.