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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Services

Audiological Screening and Hearing Aid Evaluation and Fitting

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Hearing Aid Evaluation

Following hearing testing, if hearing loss is present and the patient is motivated, a hearing aid evaluation will be performed. We will determine which type of hearing aid is best for you and your unique needs, including the style and technology. You will receive honest and reliable information without added hype or pressure. This choice should reflect your needs, preferences, and budget. Your lifestyle, activities, physical limitations, cosmetics and preferences will be considered when making recommendations for features and options.

We offer a wide variety of hearing aids from a variety of manufacturers.

Advances in technology are finally eliminating most of the problems that have previously been difficult to overcome. Almost all hearing aids are 100% digital. This means that the hearing aid's sophisticated circuitry can reduce background noise, reduce occlusion (that plugged sensation that can occur when hearing aids are worn), automatically adjust the volume and shift between programs and features.

Once a hearing aid is selected, a hearing aid fitting appointment will be scheduled to pick up your device(s).


Hearing Aid Fitting

Dr. Wayne will ensure the appropriate fitting with your hearing aids using a Real Ear Measurement system (REM). This will allow her to see how your hearing aids are functioning in your ear canal. This important tool is vital to understand the efficacy of your hearing aids.

We fit most major manufacturers. It is wise to seek a practice that offers several choices. Hearing aids are not one size fits all, they are specifically tailored to you needs. We also offer a thirty day trial on all hearing aids as well as two year warranties on most hearing aids. All hearing aids come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Once your hearing aid(s) has arrived in our office, we will program the instrument(s) to your specific needs. We will explain the care and use of your instruments and proper insertion.


Hearing Aid Follow-up

Initial Follow-Up Appointment
Hearing better mom and daughterTwo weeks after the fitting, the patient will return for their initial follow-up appointment. During this appointment the patient will report to Dr. Wayne how their experience with the new hearing aids has been so far (for example, I can hear my soft spoken wife now but I still am missing conversation in a noisy restaurant). Because hearing aids today are very flexible, Dr. Wayne can make necessary adjustments to the sound quality or fit of the hearing aids. Any additional instruction or practice with the hearing aids will also occur, if needed. This appointment can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as a half an hour, depending on the patient's experience during the first 2 weeks.

Future Follow-Up Appointment
After the initial follow-up appointment, Dr. Wayne usually likes to see the patient at least once before the 30 day trial period is over and possibly more depending on the patient needs. One of the follow up appointments will accomplish aided testing. Aided testing is a hearing test with and without the hearing aids. This allows us to validate the programming of the device. Anytime after the 30 day trial, the patient or Dr. Wayne can set up a follow-up appointment as needed. Often these appointments are performed to change the sound of the hearing aid, or performed to adjust the hearing aid as the patient's hearing or lifestyle changes. The time of this appointment will vary based on the patient needs. We would like to see all patients at least twice a year for cleaning and checking of their instruments. There is never a charge for checking and cleaning.


Hearing Aid Repair

Due to wax and moisture, many hearing aids will need repair. The amount of maintenance and repairs depends on how well you care for your hearing aids. Routine cleanings can be performed every 3-6 months, based on the need of the patient. Cadence Hearing is happy and able to repair hearing aids from any manufacturer. Please call for an estimate.


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