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Custom Made Ear Plugs

Have you considered custom ear plugs for your favorite activities?

custom ear plugs for swimmers

To help preserve the health of your hearing and to fit the natural properties in your ear correctly, we recommend utilizing custom molded ear plugs. We fit custom molded ear plugs for activities such as hunting, swimming, sleeping, and listening to music, just to name a few.

There are a variety of activities in people's day-to-day lives that put stress on their ears and their hearing. Take a look at this chart to see how exposure to everyday noises for prolonged periods effect your hearing.

Dr. Wayne takes custom ear molds so you get your own fitted, personal ear plugs. They also come in a variety of colors to suit your activity and personality.


custom ear plugs for huntingCustom Hunting Plugs

Hearing the small rustle in the woods may be the difference between going home with a prize or going home empty handed. This type of custom plug will allow the hunter to hear the game in the woods and allow him or her to also communicate with others as well as protect the users hearing. The magic is in the filter that is inside the plug. When a trigger is pulled the filter closes off and completely protects the users hearing.


custom ear plugs for swimmingCustom Swimming Plugs

These floatable plugs come in a variety of colors for the young and the young at heart. This tight fitting seal will keep any water out of the ear canal, reducing the potential of ear infections and keeping ear tubes dry. These are the best for surface swimming.


custom ear plugs for sleepingCustom Sleeping Plugs

Have a snorer in the family? Maybe you are a light sleeper?
These lightweight plugs may be for you! These custom plugs are hollowed out so they will not feel dense or heavy in the ear and will provide you enough sound protection for the sound sleep that you want.


custom ear plugs for musiciansCustom Musician Plugs

A musician suffering from minor hearing loss will effect perceptions of tone and pitch required for an ideal performance. In extreme cases, severe hearing loss could mean the end of a career. We offer several types of filters for the musician plugs. Click here to learn more about custom ear plugs for musicians.


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